Konferencje biomedyczne

Konferencje biomedyczne w 2021 r.
Konferencja Miejsce konferencji Data Strona www
ICSP 2021: 15. International Conference on Signal Processing Digital London, UK 18-19.11.2021 https://waset.org/signal-processing-conference-in-november-2021-in-london
XLVII ESAO Congress Virtual London, UK 07-11.09.2021 https://esao2021.org/
6 edycja Kongresu 590 Rzeszów , Poland 4-5.11.2021 https://kongres590.pl/6-edycja-rzeszow/
3 edycja Kongresu "Zdrowie Polaków" Warszawa , Poland 25-26.10.2021 https://kongres-zdrowiepolakow.pl/3-kongres-zdrowie-polakow/
ICBECBB 2021: 15. International Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Helsinki, Finland 19-20.07.2021 https://waset.org/biomedical-engineering-computational-biology-and-bioinformatics-conference-in-july-2021-in-helsinki
the 42nd Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) Digital Lyon, France 18-22.07.2021 http://www.iscb2021.info/
IMPLANTY 2021: koncepcja a realia we współczesnych rozwiązaniach online Gdańsk, Poland 18.06.2021 https://mech.pg.edu.pl/konferencja-implanty
ASAIO 66th Annual Conference Washington, DC, USA 10-12.06.2021 https://asaio.org/conference/
GNB 2021 VII Congress of the National Group of Bioengineering Digital Trieste, Italy 09-11.06.2021 https://gnb2020.units.it/
The 13th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism (ICBEM2021) Digital Heilbad Heiligenstadt and Leipzig, Germany 26-28.05.2021 http://www.isbem.org/conf/2021/13th.htm
Spring School X Spring School on “IoT, economic and management challenges for e-health integration in the enlarged Europe” Digital Trieste, Italy 17-20.05.2021 https://ssic.units.it/?page_id=641
The 44th Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference (CMBEC44) Virtual CMBES, Canada 11-13.05.2021 https://cmbes.ca/news-events/cmbec-conference/cmbec44
XXII Polish Conference on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering (PCBBE) - KKBiIB ONLINE Warszawa, Polska 19-21.05.2021 https://pcbbe.ibib.waw.pl/
9th Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research CUGH 2021 Virtual Conference, USA 10-11.03.2021 https://events.cancer.gov/cgh/asgcr
ICBBAN 2021: Biomechatronics, Bioengineering and Advanced Nanobiotechnology Conference Digital Rome, Italy 04-05.03.2021 https://waset.org/biomechatronics-bioengineering-and-advanced-nanobiotechnology-conference-in-march-2021-in-rome
ESAO/TERMIS-EU Winter School 2021 The Bionic Human: Biomaterials, (Bio)Artificial and Bioengineered Organs, and Cybernetics for the Future of Regenerative Medicine ONLINE Jaca, Spain 24-26.02.2021 https://www.esao.org/events/winterschool/